Handmade crochet items are making a comeback

The more you look around, the more you come across handmade crochet items. Anything from beanies to blankets to clothing and everything in between. I have quickly become a fan. I’m not sure if it’s intrigue or just the sheer beauty of it. I find myself more and more often being drawn to handmade items. Maybe the world is getting bored with the same old things in store after sore and website after website.

Curiosity got the best of me. So I decided to try my luck crocheting. To my surprise I found it quite easy. One YouTube video and I was in business. Below is a link to the final product. I hope you like it.

Big Bass beanie

8 thoughts on “Handmade crochet items are making a comeback”

    1. It was slow at first. Once I got into it, it went pretty quickly. I have blanket I have been working on. That is taking forever. I keep losing interest and putting it to the side. I wonder if I will ever finish


  1. Years ago I tried it, something to keep me from eating junk. It did not help. I think you may be right though, the old fashioned crafts our grandmother did are coming back. I know so many women who quilt now. Good for you for learning and liking.


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